Economic development

Livelihoods & Economic development

The issues in rural India are multi-dimensional that hinder the rural population to utilize the available options to generate sustainable livelihoods for themselves. The problems of lack of opportunities for generating income and infrastructural facilities are being solved by not only the government but by not-for-profits as well. There are numerous schemes initiated by the Government of India that use skill development initiatives as an instrument to help create livelihood options for them. The Government has also encouraged voluntary action to mobilise rural India. Intervention by non-government organisations in the last few decades has had a significant positive impact on the lives of the rural population.

At IDonate organisation, we firmly believe that the best way to empower local communities is by empowering people’s economic capacity and by generating self-sustainable livelihood options. To this end, we run a series of vocational training centers that allow people to become proficient in things that run 21st century India. These centers are either run solely by the foundation or in partnership with government and NGOs. The skills so far imparted are advanced computer training, fashion designing, domestic wiring, home appliance repairing, textile training in spinning, weaving and processing sector. Along with technical skills, the emphasis is also to groom the youth as responsible citizens of India and in this direction value education, personality development and communication sessions are conducted periodically.

We work in partnership with public, private and NGO organisations to enhance the capability y to achieve sustainable and equitable development.

We also focus on capacity building, fostering community links and promotion of small businesses to help the rural population to build sustainable livelihood options for them. Inclusion of women in economic activities and encouraging women-owned entrepreneurial ventures in rural India has proved to be successful in eradicating livelihood issues for rural people. We ensure to reach to the marginalised communities and promote micro-financing and encourage participation in Self-Help Groups.