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iDonate Organisation is a Non-government organization (NGO) works with the objective of increasing public awareness in promoting voluntary Blood donation and safeguarding the interest and welfare of blood donors and members of our organization.


We Care Tribals
Around the India

Our “PROJECT ARANYA” Programme works to support indigenous & forest people to live safe and secure on their lands. And also empowering them to be able to decide future from coercion.


Live the life
you were meant to live

Youth development and investments in youth are one of the best possible investments in human capital. Considering the nature and interests of youth, much can be accomplished through programmes of recognition for outstanding achievements (in productive work, leadership and service) of youth and young farmers.

About Us

iDonate Organisaition

Our Mission: To bring volunteers and organisations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India social development"

iDonate Organisation entitles to bring change in the fields of Blood Donation, Organ Donation, Education, Tribal Welfare, Youth Welfare, Livelihood & Economic Development, Poverty Alleviation, Gender Equality, Human Rights.

We bring our steps forward to achieve our goals by working closely with the volunteers at one end and with the government & other organisations that work to bring change, impact on areas at the other end.

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A Step To Save A Life

Make a difference by making a step forward by being part of our community. Change begins with knowledge and end with action. Being a volunteer, you will be the integral part of our workforce, bringing expertise and experiences all together to work and enable change.....

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What We do

We do it for all people


Blood Donation


Thallassemia Care


Tribal Care


Youth Training


Clean Water


Woman Empowerment


Youth Leadership


Orphan Homes



Educate children,Educate Tribes, transform lives.

iDonate has Designed several volunteering mddels to enable individuals get involved in community despite their time constraints. Volunteering is made easy as it caters to the individuals's intrests and convenience, time of availability and location

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We are Awesome Volounteer Team

Volunteering can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career, and even feel happier and healthier. Volunteering offers vital help to people in need.


All donations can help change a life

Your donation could give someone hope and help them know they're not alone, that you’re helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier.


What People Says About Us

We thank iDonate Organisation for creating this wonderful platform that we could trust, to provide scholarships to the bright young children. We are very impressed with the process, transparency and clarity the organisation has exhibited.

Nageswararao B, Donor

"Helping children and especially orphans at an early age is very important. Early childhood development attributes to their self confidence, their personalities and their ability to dream and be ambitious. Children are our future and the next generation that will take our values and principles to the next level. This is a subject that I strongly believe in and this is why I support iDonate Organisation."

Mohan Rao D, Donor

I donate because I want people to have access to the blood they need when they most need it. There is no better feeling than getting a phone call from iDonate Organisation letting me know that my blood was used to save a life. I am thankful that I can be part of helping during a time of need.

Shiva G, Blood Donor